Conversational marketing, thankfully, is a self-explanatory term. It involves marketing to your customers through what looks a lot like a conversation between two humans. But in this case, one is a human and the other is a business. And the business is generally represented by a chatbot.

The great thing about chatbots is that they let you scale what was erstwhile done only by humans. They can lead people through conversational flows, qualify leads, answer questions, and execute actions. And all of that is generally done in a way that scales easily with your needs.

If you still aren’t on board the conversational marketing bandwagon, here are a few more reasons you should give it some serious thought.

Advantages of Conversational Marketing with Chatbots

  • Zero downtime

You will be glad to know that your friendly customer-serving chatbot never needs to sleep. If there’s a human awake who needs to chat (and someone out there always is), you can have a chatbot ready to tackle their query. Of course, a human would be able to handle a much larger variety of questions and contingencies. And you can always program a chatbot to escalate a query to a human being. The point is, chatbots make you a lot more prepared to deal with customers, no matter what time of day it is.

  • Humanize your marketing

In the previous point, we saw how chatbots are different from humans: they don’t need to sleep. But when you really think about it, chatbots are the most human form of marketing you can use. Your customers don’t just run into forms that ask for a whole lot of information all at once. Instead, they can interact with a chatbot that mimics human conversations and provides options that make sense in particular contexts. It’s a great way to make potential users feel welcome and open to exchanging information with your business.

  • Derive insights

On the one hand, it’s important to find out what your customers’ most pressing needs are. At the same time, it can be useful to your overall marketing strategy to learn as much about your target market as possible. Chatbots make it easy to mine conversations for insights into visitors on your website, Facebook pages, and so on. The interactions themselves can be tested to see what works best with the kind of people you’re reaching out to. You can also use questions and forms within the chat to gain deeper insight into your audience.

  • Generate leads

Marketing isn’t all about catering to your existing customers. It’s just as important to find new customers and widen the reach of your messaging. Conversational marketing tools like chatbots are a great way to generate leads. Specifically, these are leads that will make their way to the top of your marketing funnel, so it won’t just be your existing customers that the chatbots cater to. You will be able to tap into a whole lot of fresh eyes exposed to your brand for the first time. And when that happens, the chatbots will be ready to find ways to make them part of your larger community.