The first public version of Epichat is out there and ready to go! We’ve put a lot of work into creating something that’s simultaneously powerful as well as easy to use. But before you try it, here’s a quick introduction to Epichat and why we think you’ll love it.

Epichat is a marketing platform built specifically for Facebook Messenger. We’ve seen Messenger go from being just another chat tool to a powerful marketing channel for businesses. However, there are still lots of brands out there that haven’t fully tapped into the power of Facebook Messenger.

We built Epichat to make it extremely simple for businesses to set up Facebook Messenger chatbots. Here are some features that make Epichat a powerful tool for marketing on the most popular social media platform in the world.

Build Automated Conversation Flows

There are a few things that we believe should be foundational to business-customer relationships. Here they are:

  • Communicating with your customers shouldn’t be hard
  • Interacting with your business shouldn’t be hard for your customers
  • It shouldn’t take an army of customer support representatives to make that happen
  • It definitely shouldn’t take long wait times and a lot of irrelevant information to address customer queries

Automated conversation flows are just one of the ways in which we attempt to restore order to the way in which businesses deal with customers. It’s easy to set up; you simply create a sequence of inputs of responses for each interaction. Conversation flows can be created for a variety of use cases, including collecting user information, sending updates, and customer service.

Enlarge Your Audience with Growth Tools

Automated conversation flows let you interact with your existing users at scale. Our other area of focus was giving businesses the tools they need to grow their reach. It’s essential to consistently increase the size of your audience so you can put your offering in front of more eager eyes. To that end, we’ve also packed Epichat with growth tools to reach out to more and more people from right within Facebook Messenger.

The tool currently has a chat widget that can be used to interact with visitors to your Facebook page. There’s also a ‘Send to Messenger’ button in the dashboard to send messages to your users on Facebook Messenger. We’re working on adding more tools to the list. All of them will be designed to expose more and more new people to your brand.

Skyrocket Engagement

The end goal of all marketing, of course, is to increase engagement with users. But we humans aren’t used to interacting with businesses; it just doesn’t feel natural. The brands that manage to generate fruitful levels of engagement do it by humanizing their communications. And that’s exactly what Epichat’s Facebook Messenger marketing tools are designed to do.

For one, the tool lives in Facebook Messenger. That’s where 1.3 billion people from around the world talk to their friends and their favorite brands. The ridiculous size of the platform in itself is a great start.

But that’s not all. With a tool like Epichat, you can have conversations with your target market at scale. That’s made possible by the automated flows, which can be crafted to meet users at different stages of the customer lifecycle.

Those are just a few of the reasons we think Epichat is rad. We’d love for you to try it out and tell us what you think. It’s free to try–no credit cards, no contracts. Visit